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BLogory Advantages

Blogory has a number of advantages over other solutions.  Search on Google for "Python" and you get 17 million results including snakes and Monty Python. 

The hand-crafted links are curated by experts in the field, volunteers passionate about the topic.  The curators are supervised, spam gets all of their contributions blacklisted.  There is a hierarchy of moderators, allowing large amounts of content to be managed easily. 

 The individualBlogoies are under the control of many individuals.  They are easy to install,  easy to upgrade, easy to copy, and can be run in lots of different places for free.

Blogory is based on open-sourced Grok and Fancy Tree.  Grok is a huge library of half a million lines of code, developed over a decade and a half,  providing all the required functionality. Grok is written in Python, easy to read, understand and extend. 


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