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HTML Editors

All blogory objects have rich HTML content.  You can edit the HTML with either the technical Ace Editor, or the WYSIWYG CkEditor.

HTML objects have 6 different views, accessed by appending a different word to the end of the URL.   "/aceedit" invokes the ACE editing of the object. "/ckedit" allows ck editing of the object.   "/ckEdit" invokes the WYSIWYG ckEditor on the object. "/index" allows viewing the object.   "/history" allows you to view and revert the history of the html part of an object. 

The ACE editor has 3 buttons. "Save" saves the file, and keeps editing. "Save and View" lets you save it, and see the results. Hit the browser back button to go back to editing. The  "Reset" button  gives you a simple html template. 

Here is the map of keyboard bindings for the editor.


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