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Group Category is organized as a tree of Group Categories.  Group Categores can contain other Group Categories, Lnks, and Blog Postings.  A Group category includes an id, a title, a brief description, and the content.  The id is a string used by the database to identify the object.  It cannot contain spaces or periods.

Ids must contain no spaces.  Ids become part of the url.  They should be in lower case and have a - between words It is fine for them to be long.  It is important for them to be unique.  Here are some good examples of ids.  

why-poland, python-books-and-articles,extrene-weather-events-prove-climate-chante

Titiles words should start with a Capital Letter Examples: Why Poland, Python, Extreme Weather Events Prove Climate Change

If you use CkEditor,a nd have the content be a single space, then it will copy the description. 



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