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Evan Williams

Evan is a long time Python/Zope developer.  He is new to recruiting.  His greatest strength is as a business analyst who understands both software and users.

I have had many people look at my web sites. Some say the pages are just fine. Some say they are terrible. They need a new design. It is incredibly difficult to find someone who can make specific valid criticisms. Criticisms that take into account both the technical issues as well as the marketing issues. Feedback that speaks in the language of developers, and takes into account valid end users concerns. Evan has the rare ability to do that.  

Another of his strengths is that he is so polite.  Almost too polite at times, but it works.  He talked about logos.  Stupid things I always thought.  At MIT, "The visual display of quantitative information" taught us to avoid visual noise.  But he presented it so well, with some excellent simple suggestions, that I was able to hear him  And while it may be further down the list than he would like, it is now on the list.  And at our next meeting, I am sure that he will coax me gently to move it up the list.  

Here are some of his suggestions.  Some are already implemented.  Others are being implemented. 

  1. Have a tag-line under the title so newbies know what is going on right away. "A hand-curated web directory." Done.
  2. The original design allowed you to post on some pages, not others.  Confusing to users. On every page either give permission to post, or a hint on how to post.  Done.
  3. Hide the manuals from casual browsers. Done.
  4. He also fully understood and pushed the concept of a corporate wiki for employees. A branch of blogory that is not publicly visible. I can do that. Make a branch not publically visible, and give all employees branch curator status, and we have a wiki. That works.
  5. After creating a page on a parent in the group section and editing that page in the private section, it takes 3 clicks to get back to the parent in the group parent. Make it a single click.  Much less confusing.  Particularly for newbies.
  6. When logging in it takes you to the root page, stay on the same page please.
  7. Logos.  In my case, I now want to use spider webs as my logo. I imagine Blogory.org as a graphic word with spider webs over it. I imagine the page image background to be a spider web. It is not just a logo, it conveys a concept that

All those greta suggestions he gave me in just half an hour. Imagine what he could do for you in a day.

And here are his more recent suggestions. 

  1. Add a cancel button.
  2. Use dropbox or google to share company documents and images. 

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