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Blogory Accounts

Blogory supports multi-user blogging.  I invite you to email me and create a hand-crafted direcotry into your favorite subject.   Blogory contains both a group directory, and your own private directory.  You organize your private blogory however you want.  If you a have a large number of blog postings organized chronologically, you can use Blogory to create a hierarchical subject index into just your blog postings.  You can then use the json feed in your website.    In the process, a group index into the web is also created.  The two indexes can be structured differently.   

To manage things, you need a Blogory account. You can create a category or link in the Blogory Directory, but you edit them from your private account. That way you have a single place with a list of all of your contributions. Feel free to email me with your blog url, asking for an invitation. This website is built using related software tools. On the left is a tree view of the entire blog. Expand the tree to see what interests you, then click on any node to visit that branch of the tree. This page shows information from its children, click on the links to navigate to the children, and view information about their children.

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