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About This Site

I am a huge fan of Objective-C.   Good software abstraction is incompatible with static typing. I started using Objective-C in 1986.   I wrote BPG BLOCS, then scheduled the whole NCR production facility using it.   When the whole world ditched Objective-C for C++, I wrote the landmark article: " Why I need Objective-C".   If copyright in your location allows, you can now find it at Sci-Hub I shipped the Borland Extensions to Objective-C, the Smalltalk interface to Objective-C,  and then began publishing the OpenStep Newsletter (Does anyone have a copy of those emails archived?).   Then I started using python, and built the Objective-C job market, now called the iPhone job market.  My attention is now returning to the Objective-C community, so I am very glad to hear about the new compiler, Mulle-Objc.

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