ProseMirror has a client-server model of a districuted document that supports both markdown and a WYSIWG Editor. Read More


 ProseMirror has the best client-server document model for collaboration.  They model a document as a tree of objects.  It is very easy to merge distributed trees.  For every document, there is a document model on the server, and one on each collaborating client.  That makes it easy to coordinate changes.  The fully distributed Operational Transforms are just too complicated to implement.  The superior distributed model will allow ProseMirror to have the best performance, it will scale the best, and it will get any bugs eliminated quickly.  While the website says it is an early release, I am confident that any bugs that show up are quickly squashed, and the community is strong and growing.  I can count on it.  

Read more about the product on the pages below.

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