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ZEEF is a collection of independent curated lists.  The list curator can
have a two level hierarchy.  Probably on top of a relational database. 
They can link to whatever they want, and ignore what they do not like. 

Blogory is an ontology.  Take a look at blogory.org/flask.  You can
browse up and down the hierarchy tree to find what you want.    

I am all in favor of curators.  I am all in favor of prioritizing the
good stuff at the top of the list.

But I am also a big fan of listing everything.  When I am looking for a
library, if it is not on ZEEF, I am back to sifting through pages of
Google results.  We can do better than that.  With a hierarchy one can
organize larger amounts of information than is possible with just a two
level hiearchy.

The nature of content management systems, is that multiple people have
to be able contribute content. 

Blogory has two parts.  Your private Blogory and the shared blogory. 
The private part is like reef.  Okay it is a tree, not a two level
hierarchy.  But the group part has everyone's content.  Again with a

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